Friday, January 23, 2009

I Really Need to Wash my Hair

Working my way down the Creme de la Creme list - kind of like Chicken Soup for the Blogger's Soul. So many beautiful and thoughtful posts. I wish I had gotten started earlier in the year - as I am only to the 20th blog on the list. I did make some resolutions at the beginning of the year. I don't always, or say I won't, and then inadvertantly one or two or 15 crop up. I already have blown two resolutions and may have potentially blown a third. See what a loser I am?! Not only was I late getting the resolutions made, but less than a month into the new year and I have achieved almost total suckage at keeping them. One of the resolutions was to read through every submission to the Creme de la Creme list. I figured take them 5 at a time, daily. Once I got started, I had done pretty good, two days in a row and that third day - well, got a little sidetracked with some family drama, but made up two days' worth today. So, slow out of the gate - but hanging in there.

Resolution the second was no more sewing for other people who ask me to sew for them - for one year. This year I sew for ME, be it gifts for others, but only personal sewing and only if I want to. Part of my scarcity the last several weeks was the catalyst for this particular resolution. A wedding, originally supposed to be in May, moved to January instead. Five weeks as opposed to 6 months. Sorry, no can do dress. Can do alterations in 5 weeks. While I know that there are many, many, and possibly more important, details than how many cummerbunds and what sizes, how many bridesmaids need sashes - these little minute details are actually quite important to your seamstress. Five minutes on the phone people, five minutes to give me quantity and size. I made a pest of myself leaving phone messages, because one week, ONE WEEK, before said blessed event is scheduled to occur, I still do not know that which I must know. Dress was finally chosen one week prior. What alterations were wanted settled on 3 days prior but only after I finally issued 3 options as an ultimatum. Speak now or seriously, forever wear something else. Honestly, I don't know how they managed to decide to even get married if we could be so indecisive about something as silly as sashes! Day before the wedding I acquired one pair of pants and a maid of honor dress to alter unexpectedly. Less than 29 hours prior to starting gun being fired and I am still getting harnesses to make ready . . . No, I don't sleep, I don't eat, I don't have family obligations and I really do like sewing under the gun after have weeks of stressing about this KNOWING I would have to sew something, but not knowing exactly what or how much until the last minute. I did in 2 days what 5 weeks would have been ample time for. No, I was not paid. This was gratis. My aggravation was bought and paid for with their inconsiderateness. However, the wedding was pulled off, the bride looked beautiful - my handiwork providing lovely details. I even kind of miss those cummerbunds. I never made any before - they came out nice too. **sigh**

I broke Resolution the second by offering **cringe**, yes, I offered, to sew a baby sling for the girl at my chiropractor's office who weighs me and takes my blood pressure. She's nice, she's considerate and I was feeling weak from a pinched nerve from my last round of high stress sewing. What is that phrase about old dogs and new tricks . . . . ?

Resolution the third was kicking my Dt. Coke "habit" - or basically, no more soda. Weddings and drama done me in. I am weak, I know. However, I have managed to reduce the amount I swill. So maybe if I just modify the resolution a bit - add a codicil perhaps?

Mostly I am blah. Blah as evidenced by not posting for almost a month. Blah as in not even "cheating" at the blogging thing by simply sticking with Show and Tell once a week. Blah enough that Resolution the fourth was a bust before even getting out of the starting gate. Resolution the fourth being writing more regularly, at least twice a week. Perhaps I could count comments?

Alas, I hear life calling me and if I go one more day without shampooing my hair, my husband might divorce me.


Mrs. Spit said...

I have the same rule about knitting now.

Unless it was hard for you to get pregnant/stay pregnant, I'm not knitting for your baby. I'm not putting in the effort unless you will!

JamieD said...

About the wedding - WOW. That is all I can think to say. Wow that you did it and double wow that the bride wasn't more considerate of your time and talent.

I have the same feelings about the Creme de la Creme list - the posts are so amazing, I hardly know what to say at the end.

Cara said...

I hope you receive one hell of a thank you note!!!

you are so giving Julia - so take the year off, for sure, unless YOU want to.

RE- cdlc - I'm slowing getting through it too..SLOWLY - but that and keeping up with my blogroll is tricky!

Geohde said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and having such nice things to say. I'm in awe at what you've been though to get your children. Total awe.


CLC said...

I hope the blahs go away Julia.

And wow about that wedding. I would have made that resolution too. BUt this is the year you need to take care of you! So stick to it!

Kelly said...

Okay, throw away your resolutions. You don't need something to beat yourself up over. Or at least change them so you are no so hard on yourself for not sticking to what you said you would do.

As for the wedding - you are much nicer person than I would have been. I hope they do something nice for you, at least a thank you.

Me said...

I have had a lot of people take advantage of my considerateness. A lot. It is a pity how selfish some people are.