Saturday, March 21, 2009

Show & Tell - March 22nd

Out of all the seasons, I like spring the best. Even though today was a little cool still at 54, I did notice signs of impending spring around our yard and wanted to share my excitement with you.

I think these are my Asiatic Lilies. They are kind of like a Stargazer Lily - but they are this amazing reddish-orange hue and have proven quite hardy and prolific over the years.

This little bit of green made me exceptionally happy when I saw it. I put in 4 Hydrangea Bushes last year. Two suffered an early demise following a run in with my three year old, a tricycle and our driveway. The other two lingered a bit longer, but didn't seem to do so well and I had doubts that I would see them again. Today I saw this and was absolutely thrilled - at least one bush survived! I can't wait to see which color this one turns out to be - the blooms also will take on different hues depending on the alkalinity/acidity of the soil.

The squirrels always seem to eat all my crocus bulbs and I always mourn the loss of those little colorful blooms. I was pleased to see they left these little purple guys. I can't for the life of me remember what they are - I just know they aren't crocuses. Maybe Hyacinth?

From the time I began having miscarriages - I have always had these in my garden. They are Bleeding Hearts - I have white and pinky red ones and they are the most unique flowers. They come back year after year with the bushes becoming larger and larger each year. I put these in when we moved here and they are starting to get quite bushy now after 6 years. I will have to take some pictures once they start blooming.

One of my rose bushes. This one has the most beautiful white blooms - they have the barest blush of pink to them. I lost one of my rose bushes last year to a brutal late frost - it use to produce HUGE hot pink blooms and the smell was unearthly! The previous owners put in Hostas and they get enormous and are often fighting my Roses for occupancy. I'm going to try relocating some of the Hostas this year once they start coming in.

All my neighbors have scads of daffodils and I only seem to have stragglers. One here, one there, another one over there - but plenty of green leaves which would imply there should be more than one. I think I have some other spring lovers in residence that have been so excited by these first blooms, that they just couldn't help themselves from carrying them off . . .

No sign of the Calla Lilies I put in last year - though they like things a little hotter. There is a little chipmunk who made a little nest in that particular flower bed and I think he may have made himself a winter's snack out of my bulbs. This is one of the entrances to his lair. (He has two.) Be sure to stay tuned for further updates to the Chipmunk Calla Catastrophe.

Lastly, I so wanted to get a shot of the Blue Jay I saw today - but he flew off before I could. He was big and gorgeous - the main blue of his feathers and the darker blue band absolutely breathtaking. He was definitely a beauty. Hopefully I will be able to catch a picture of one and maybe a Cardinal or two before too long to share with you.

Now tiptoe through the tulips and go see what the other kids have brought.


Liv said...

I love spring too. Except I don't have a garden...I'm jealous. The bleeding hearts bush sounds like a very sweet plant. I hope you share again when these are in bloom!

areyoukiddingme said...

Very nice...

I tried to grow bleeding heart several years ago, but I think I had the wrong location.

We also put in a rosebush that had clusters of small pale pink flowers (my mom called it Seven Sisters, but I don't know)which eventually turned into a climbing rose with hot pink flowers.

Kristin said...

Beautiful flowers. I want to see everything in full bloom.

You should dig the daffodils up and split the bulbs (after the blooming is done). When you have lots and lots of green and only a few blooms, it is usually because they are choking themselves out.

one-hit_wonder said...

I adore all those flowers, especially the hyacinths (yummy smell), the hydrangeas, and the roses. I want to see pics when all is in bloom!

Anonymous said...

Spring is my favorite season too ! Sadly we don't have a garden but I love watching things come back to life .. all these again in full bloom !

Anonymous said...

How exciting to see how they look in a month or so! We have been watching our tulips come up and now can even see our daylilies emerging! Spring is a fall gardeners pay-off for sure.

Beautiful Mess said...

*ggrrr* My last comment got eaten my the blog comment monster. YAY for green and spring! I can't wait to see your beautiful blooms!

Billy said...

I too love spring the best!
Nothing like seeing all the green and the colourful flowers!
And seeing those buds come out of the ground... beautiful!
[here from show & tell]

Brenna said...

Fall is my favorite season, but I'm sooooo ready for spring this year. Can't wait...let the blooming begin!

Lori said...

Your garden reflects the nurturing and bounty of your heart.

I love purple flowers, as well as the hope that exists in a garden in the spring.

What a pick-me-up post!

WiseGuy said...

A woohoo for spring!

One of your photographs reminded me of One-Hit_Wonder's last Show and Tell.

Love the purple flowers!

Taylor said...

Spring is the best. I look forward to a show & tell of them in full bloom!