Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Browse at your own risk - Ignorance can definitely be bliss!

I gotta quit internet research. I am not finding anything even remotely comforting out there. I appreciate the comments and personal experiences people have sent me - I should have just stuck with you guys!

The drug websites say only about 26% of Lupron users reported severe side effects (read: had a very bad experience on it, lived to regret it, wanted to SUE the miserable wretches who invented the stupid drug, their dog and mother in law too). I think I have read every single one of them. I do have a theory about that though - if you had a really miserable experience, you would share right? You would want to complain long and loud. Probably more so than if you had a moderately so-so experience and things went the way they were supposed to, right? Entire blogs devoted to the nightmare of Lupron. So it probably just seems like there are a lot of nightmare stories about it out there - because those are the only people talking about it. Oh gee, if it helps me sleep at night - that's the theory I am going with!

Oh, and don't research hysterectomy and look at pictures relative to the topic. I don't get all queasy and pass out about stuff like that - but an endometriosis riddled uterus is not a pretty sight. Particularly when your overactive and internet research fueled imagination starts sticking those sights inside your own body.

But, I did find some good news on the 'net, some doctors are open to hysterectomy/tummy tuck combo surgeries. Dahling - it's the latest thing! So, I suppose when I enter that operating room, before I am gassed I can always just lay back with a smile and say "I'm ready for my extreme makeover now!"

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Searching said...

I'm on Lupron, for endo, once monthly depot shots. I've only endured 6 weeks of this so far, so can't attest as to everything awful that may or may not happen. I am horrifically moody atm, but there is much going on in my life. Can't exactly blame it on the Lupron. Besides it putting me into menopause which breaks my heart, I feel as if I will never be able to drink enough water and am just rather dried out, could care less if I ever have sex again, and have frequent hot flashes from hell. It literally feels like I am thrown into an oven several times an hour. I drug myself to sleep but sometimes I still wake up. In the moments before I get to sleep I am constantly throwing the blankets on and off because I am too hot then back to my cold self.

I read a bit of your story. I am so sorry for all you have gone through and all that you face ahead. You have my prayers.