Saturday, July 26, 2008

Show & Tell with Mel Sunday July 27th

Feeling a bit remiss in that I haven't done S&T the last couple weeks thanks to a crazy busy summer. Though I was determined this weekend to participate. I was trying to figure out what to share and then I decided to share ME!

This is one of my senior pictures. I graduated in 1987 from Manitou Springs High School in Colorado. I was one of 104 graduating seniors. The photo I chose for the yearbook was a serious looking headshot. I thought it made me look cool and mature. Nowadays - this one is my favorite shot. Probably the only one of me really smiling - the others are serious or just me wearing what looks like a smirk. Aside from how skinny I was, check out that hair! Do you have any idea how long it took me to get my limp, fine stick straight hair to do that 80's layered thing? Two hours - I kid you not. I had to curl, spray, comb, curl, spray and repeat with backcombing and then spray within an inch of my life. By lunchtime my hair was completely limp - but fortunately the pictures were taken in the morning! I use to find it truly annoying that most of the bands in the 80's had guys with hair that was prettier than mine.

The picture shows me standing at the beginning of my adult life - I was fresh, ready and raring to go - before boyfriends I took too seriously crushed my heart, before recurrent pg loss crushed my soul; before hopes and dreams and plans had to conform to reality or fade away altogether. Though, you know what? The me today - older, hopefully wiser, greyer and lined with life experience - I wouldn't trade in for her and all her bright-eyed idealogy. Though - I would love to be able to fit in that dress again!

Since I am hitting 40 years soon - here are 40 things about me:

1. I lived in 9 different places by the time I was 6 and then stayed in that last place until I was 21
2. My dad is my hero
3. I couldn't stand my oldest younger brother growing up
4. Now I think he is one of the best people I know
5. I am the oldest of 8
6. I changed most of their diapers - sometimes I remind them of that just to bug them!
7. When dh and I first got married - I had a hard time cooking for less than 10 people
8. I was a dj when dh and I met and interviewed Kenny Loggins on air the same week I got engaged
9. I love to sew
10. I hate sewing
11. I don't read instructions - I'm a dive on in kind of gal, most of the time it works
11. I sing - like really well
12. I taught myself how to play the piano
13. I'm not that great at playing the piano
14. I love to write - not writing like writing books - but actual writing - the putting of pen/pencil to paper - I like the feel of it
15. I collect cookbooks - most of them I've never cooked anything out of - I just like looking at them!
16. My first pet was a grey tiger striped kitten named Pixie
17. I have a HUGE box full of Nancy Drew mysteries in the basement
18. I have a HUGE box full of cassette tapes right next to the Nancy Drew books
19. Some people look at the glass and say it is half empty, others look at it and say it is half full - I look at the glass and say "who's gonna wash that?"
20. I miss my Aunt Julie terribly
21. I hate that my parents are getting "so old" - I worry about them, a lot
22. I hiked up to the top of Pikes Peak with a 40 lb pack on my back and met Bobby Unser Jr at 14,110 feet
23. I use to write stories when I was a teenager
24. I want to still write but lately only spin the tales in my head while I try to fall asleep
25. I need more sleep
26. I need a lot more sleep
27. The first time I went to a bar, my date was 43 years old, I was 20 and we went to listen to some local jazz
28. I was born on the same exact day as the infamous "Heidi Game" - which is why I am a diehard Raiders fan
29. If you ask me what my favorite music is - the answer will depend on my mood
30. If you ask for any genre of music - I probably have it in my collection somewhere (give it a try sometime! I am a little short on Indie - but I do have some Gregorian Chants in a box somewhere . . )
31. I spent most of my teenage years impatient for the day I could leave Colorado
32. I have spent every day since leaving wishing I could go back permanently
33. I talk too much
34. I love to bowl - and I really suck at it too
35. Because of my asthma I can't breathe in bowling alleys
36. I am 5'8" and have only one sibling (out of 8) shorter than me - I am next to runt
37. When we got married, Dh and I could wear the same pants/shirts
39. We have the same size feet - his smell a lot worse
40. Even though I don't need it anymore and it is trying to kill me, I really don't want to lose my uterus in 6 weeks - for some of my babies, it was the only way I was able to hold them

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Mrs. Spit said...

I'm sorry Julia - it's a hard thing to let go of what makes us a woman, even when we need to.

Your uterus may have held your babies, but they were made in your heart first. Long after your uterus is gone, they will stay in their mummy's heart.

JuliaS said...

Mrs. Spit - you made me cry, darn you!

Thanks for that thought though - it helps to think of it that way. My arms always ached to hold them - an actual physical hurt each time I lost one. Call me a uterine junkie, but I truly hate this having to let go.

But - you know having to let go, too well; so I know you understand.

loribeth said...

How very 80s, lol!! I haven't done S&T in awhile either... the weekend goes by so fast.

Surgery of any kind is scary, let alone one to take out an area you're so intimately acquainted with. I have the date marked on my calendar & will be thinking about you!!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I know you don't want to lose it, sweetie. It's a huge emotional surgery along with the physical surgery.

But I love the picture. The clothes are so 80s. It makes me want to get out my old audio tapes.

Malky B. said...

I had the same 80's haircut though mine didn't require 2 hours work - maybe 15 min. with a curling iron;-).

I'm sorry you need this surgery - I can only imagine how hard it must be.

Kim said...

I really liked your Show and Tell, I had the Big hair too although I was a little younger. I prey that your recovery goes well. Kim

Sam said...

what a great photo! There is something about looking at a photograph of someone that has no idea about what is going to happen in their life that tugs at the heartstrings.

VA Blondie said...

I love the photo. It is sort of fun to remember what we were like when we were younger.

Many women have a hard time losing their uterus. My mother was really upset about losing her uterus before her hysterectomy. I think it had something to do with her feeling like she was losing her creativity. She is still just as creative and artistic as before her surgery.
Surgery is scary, anyway. I tell patients that if you are not scared, you are not human. That is why we save the really good drugs for the OR! I hope you have an excellent anesthesia provider! I will be thinking about you, and holding you in the light.

Anonymous said...

I love the 80's image, reminds me of so many of my own high school photo's. I hear you on looking back and wondering what happened to our innocence and our dreams and I agree I wouldn't want to go back to being the person I was then either, I also wonder what I would have done differently had I known back then that my life was going to be far different to what I imagined.

Martha said...

Thanks so much for your funny comment about your brother. Both pictures of you both senior high school and current are beautiful, thank you for sharing your "40" list too. I send my best to you for your surgery and will check back.

CLC said...

I love the picture. You look so happy and unaware of how life can turn the wrong way when you least expect it. You may have been aware, but you do look innocent!

Line 40 is just so heartbreaking.I think it's totally natural to feel that way. I wish it didn't have to happen.

Murgdan said...

I can't even imagine what you're going through...but from what I've read of your story you are a strong woman who will make it to the other side and come out an even more amazing person.

When exactly DID 80's hair die? (and can you tell my co-worker that it has actually died?)

Lori said...

Is it odd that I still like the 80s look? And music and movies?

I guess you'd call that arrested development.

Your #40 is very touching.