Thursday, August 14, 2008

Alas Poor Lupron - I hardly Knew Ye

After increasing pain for the last week, excessive irritability/short-temperedness and now a most unwelcome guest beating down the door screaming "Heeeeerrrrreee's Johnny!", it has become clear to me that the last shot has started to wear off - only a month and a half earlier than it should have, just like the last one.

Bit of a whine coming . . . . wait for it . . . . . .

here it is . . .. I really, truly, completely and absolutely hate this!

Today the Ibuprofen isn't even coming close and I have more than a month left before they hopefully can fix this. Adeno and endo - two nasty little creatures I could have lived quite merrily without.

There, whine over. Off to find some cheese flavored ibuprofen caplets now.

ETA: Someone asked if af showing up conjured up images of Jack Nicholson looking decidedly maniacal wielding a large kitchen knife . . . Funny you should mention that, why yes, yes it does . . .

1 comment:

CLC said...

Can I have some of the cheese flavored ibuprofen?

Hope the pain eases!