Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And Now the Moment We've All Been Waiting For . . .

As you know (or may not) we have been holding a giveaway at this here blog.

The guesses have been made, the totals tallied and the pathology report disclosed.

Now, because I just love the thought of making you all squirm a little bit in anxious anticipation - just a couple of side notes. I was mistaken in saying the normal uterus is about 100g, etc. THAT is the typical size of the ones they REMOVE. They usually remove them for not being normal. Well, mine wasn't exactly normal - so it still kind of worked. Also, I found that they measure uterus from cervix to fundus and I had a super freaky long cervix. This I am not mistaken about. Doc said a normal (and yes, she used the term normal which did seem to imply mine was considerably not normal - and I was totally okay with that.) cervix is about 3-4 cm long. Mine came in at a most impressive 7cm. Yes, not a typo. She double checked. Almost TWICE the length of normal. For whatever that means and I don't so much care about that now. Just kind of a weird little bit of info.

So, uterus. I'm getting there - be patient. She said it was not as big as they thought - but bigger than a typical 80 gram uterus. (That would be normal, nothing wrong with it, pristine condition organ - so not what I had hitherto been in possession of). Pathology noted no unusual epithelials (which would indicate they didn't get all the bladder - which would be bad) so that was good; no evidence of anything cancerous, bad, etc - just endometriosis, which we knew. The report also noted it was misshapen and odd looking. Doc likened it to a floppy looking mushroom cap atop a very looooooonnnnnggg stem (cervix) which also happened to look like it was attempting to eat my bladder (which she said was all over the place.) Even at that - I came in above normal and pristine at (drumroll please):

95 grams, 9.5x5x3 cm

I actually felt somewhat disappointed. Certainly not the GENEROUSLY SIZED thing I was expecting from all their talking it up beforehand. But, we'll take it - or rather, we'll let them keep it. My doc did keep muttering "that was a long ol' cervix, I kept waiting to find the end of it . . . ." and shaking her head.

SO, in review of the entries - there were two who came amazingly close. So close, that I had to total and tally and recheck and ask dh for assistance in determining who was the closest. The distance between closest and second closest was a mere .2 cm and 2 grams if you can believe that.

Without further ado - I happily proclaim the winner of this somewhat bizarre giveaway to be:

Busy Momma (aka Amanda) I will be emailing you shortly.

With Honorable Mention going to:


Seriously - .2 cm and 2 grams, it made my head hurt trying to figure that out . . .

Anywho - I also need to mention Cara, who prophetically had this to say:

"Watch them be wrong and it be under 100gms...then what???"

All I have to say (other than Congratulations and thanks for playing along) is, I can pee and I haven't felt any of that old pain - so that is making me pretty darn happy! (She also said I could start driving again once I felt up to it - yippee!! Maybe next week . . .AND I have lost 22 lbs since the start of the summer, 12 since before surgery.)


MrsSpock said...

Aha! The winners now know what it feels like to be the guy that bids $1 on the Price is Right, and wins the showcase...

Busy Momma said...

wow, that was very close! and holy, what a cervix!!!! lol

Martha said...

Wow, was I waaay off! So glad you are recovering so well. You have a wicked and delightful sense of humor and I thank you for that!

Cara said...

Hmmm...who knew I had the power of prophecy?

Anyway, just glad you are recovering and still intact with your totally fab sense of humor!!

Just Me. said...

Sorry, I haven't been around. I was reading through your previous posts and I must say you are such a fighter!

Hope you're doing well and will catch up with you again.