Thursday, April 24, 2008

Keeping it Real

My hottie status being a distant memory and all - I almost, but ultimately didn't, enter this contest. I like free stuff as well as the rest of the world - but they were looking for "hot moms" and while the latter fits, the former only applies to me if it is over 75 and the a/c is on the fritz or I am suffering from yet another Lupron induced hot flash. The last time I turned a head was about 10 years and 8 pregnancies ago - and I am not certain, but it is entirely possible the attention was more due to the toilet paper trailing off one of my high heeled boots than my rocking the walk. They also wanted to know about the other "hot moms" I know - and well, pretty much they're all like me, just trying to survive whatever stuff life is throwing their way. (You know, that was the first thing I worried about - the effects of Follistim on my girlish figure . . . but I digress.) Sarcasm aside - I was kind of put off by the idea that I somehow was less worthy of a goody bag by virtue of being less "hot". Pffffftttt - I worked hard for this bod, hot or not, and I am eternally weary of being compared to some impossible standard set by the Hollywood version of motherhood.

Same blog - different post. The mind simply reels. I have so many, many things brewing up inside me just dying to be mashed out on the old keyboard, but I will refrain. All I will say is - this ain't a reality show I think I would be able to relate to - the term reality being a misnomer and all in this instance . . . double pfffftttt. Seriously? Seriously.

However, later in my perusal, I did come across this particular post. Now, here is a reality (minus the Royalty part) I could relate to on some level. This sweet lady - 79 (79!) years old remembering the babies she lost. I was a bit rankled at the use of the word "admits" though, as if it were something to be ashamed of or was some misdeed on her part. So many years have passed (she married and started trying to have a baby 48 years ago - longer than I've been alive, though just a little longer) and she can still recall. Reading this adds substance to that which I have always suspected to be truth - for as long as I live, I will never forget my angel babies. Their mark is deep and permanent - an indelible handprint on my heart.

That is my reality.

Just thinking on all the dumb stuff people told me when I lost my babies - what do you say to a Queen?


CLC said...

Who knows. "I am sorry" seems inadequate to say to anyone, but what else is there.

One thing is for sure, I will never watch the reality show of JLO. I loathe her. For no reason other than that she has two healthy babies (and denies that she had some help).

loribeth said...

That is so sad & yet so sweet, about the Queen of Belgium. Reminds me of Princess Masako of Japan, who has been hounded into depression by the press & public for not "doing her duty" & producing a male heir for the throne. And Prince Edward of England's wife, Sophie, who had an ectopic pregnancy & a preemie (placental abruption), & is rumoured to have used IVF. How nice it would be to have someone with her visibility & clout to publicly champion the cause of infertility & pregnancy loss.

As for "hot mamas" -- gimme a break...