Friday, April 25, 2008

Ooo Oooo - What a Little Ire Can Do

I first heard about this poll over at Here We Go Again last month. I emailed my thoughts which I have included below. This week I received an email from a fact checker at Parenting asking me to verify my identity and my comments - apparantly they want to quote me. Me? Little ol' me? We'll see how much editing they do and hopefully the gist of my comments will still be there. I got a chuckle out of the subject line of the email I received. They are now calling it a "debate" as opposed to a "poll". Umm, well yeah, ask such a loaded question and it is going to stoke a big firestorm of response. I think though, sometimes, maybe that is the point? It will be interesting to see what becomes of this Once-Poll-Now-Debate. The comments I saw in the forum were all pretty much along the same reaction as mine was. I wonder if others in the Stirrup Queen's blog-o-verse have heard from Parenting as well?

"Should a woman be able to use fertility treatments to get pregnant if she already has kids?

Absolutely. Are you kidding me with this question? Should a woman be able to have sex to get pregnant even if she already has kids? I fail to see the difference. To question if a woman should be able to use fertility treatments to expand her family if she needs to utilize fertility treatments to do so, is ludicrous and quite frankly a bit discriminatory. A woman's family size is her business. How she creates that family is her business also. Infertility is an extremely intense emotional and physical experience - it can be devastating and frustrating, not to mention expensive. Placing restrictions on women who are already dealing with an inequality is just more injustice.

Shame on you asking this question - even under the guise of a poll. The only purpose a remark like that serves is to be inflammatory - just like the "polls" over breastfeeding/bottlefeeding; csection/non-surgical; stay at home/working; etc, etc, etc . . ."


m said...

excellent comment! Good for you!

Kathy V said...

Well thank you for submiting this whole comment. Sorry they cut it short and didn't publish the whole thing. I just think that this question never should have been posed in the first place. Secondly you are so right. Maybe banning sex for fertiles that already have children would work the same way as "not-allowing" infertiles to seek more treatment. It would create an uprising of people that wanted more children.