Saturday, May 10, 2008

Raise a Glass and Pass the Kleenex

Next Wednesday is the 2 month anniversary of the 3 month Lupron shot. I am pleased to report that this second month has been much better than the first. If you asked me how much better - I would probably spontaneously burst into tears. That one side effect seems to linger on - extremely emotional. (I watched "P.S. I Love You" yesterday and went through an entire box of Kleenex - yeah, I've been known to be a bit of a boob, but that was a bit excessive, even for me!) However, comparing the last several weeks with the several months before the shot - so much better that I do cry just thinking about it. So, relief - this incredible relief - that I have a shot at feeling a lot better on a more permanent basis. Yeah, I could live with that. So, from a physical standpoint - if this is what I am going to feel like after the hysterectomy, book me an OR yesterday! From the mental/emotional - ummm, well, we're still working on that one. Being done and being "done" with that particular organ a bit more complicated than simple feeling better or not.

On an aside, while not a fantastic movie, "P.S. . . ." did a nice job of handling some of the loss/grief aspect.


Searching said...

You know, I was just thinking yesterday that maybe a hysterectomy isn't such a bad thing. My husband commented earlier this week that it has been so much better without me groaning and moaning and crying in pain for a week every 3 weeks. Which is true. I haven't felt abdominal pain in about 2 months. My IBS is greatly improved too. (Course, I AM on 2 meds for that...) But I have nearly forgotten how dreadful that pain is. Puking, head-spinning, please-someone-kill-me type pain. Spending nights on the bathroom floor. Heat packs, drugs out the wazoo, breathing exercises, tears. It's ALMOST worth it. Once I can get my child-attempt status determined I might think about it. But my bones are holey enough as it is and I kind of need those ovaries for awhile longer.

The Lupron's hot flashes, extreme irritability and moodiness, and the night sweats are my only big problems. The complete loss of libido hasn't been a big deal since hubby plays his computer game past when I am in bed and by that point the sleeping pills have me in la-la land. But those eventually go away. So, a hysterectomy isn't such a bad thing at all.

CLC said...

Never saw the movie. I'd probably start crying at the opening credits though. Glad you are feeling more you. Thinking of you tomorrow.

loribeth said...

I've been thinking about you & wondering how you were. Haven't seen the movie (too much of a chick flick for dh, I think...!), but glad you liked it. And glad you are feeling physically better these days. (((hugs)))