Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dad Always Said - Boredom is the Sign of an Uneducated Mind

My Lupron injection is in and now we are waiting for my period to show up. Despite increasing cramps and back ache for the last 2 weeks+ (and that we are 3 days past scheduled arrival date) - no show yet. I shell out almost $2000 for this Lupron party and the "guest of honor" is a no show. Oh she'll show up - believe me, she always does - just will be at the most inconvenient time possible. I have to start before they will administer the shot. My dh leaves tomorrow and will be out of town until the Friday before Easter. My doc's office is almost a 2 hour drive one way. Going to be very interesting how we coordinate all the logistics (wait - did I say we? Oh, yeah - I meant I!) make sure everyone at home is taken care of with one less parent for the job and finding bathrooms every 15-20 minutes along the interstate. Depends perhaps? Ugh. I'm going to drive all that way at a very miserable time for the extreme privilege of being jabbed in the tushy with one extremely expensive syringe full of heaven only knows what kind of hormonal fun. Perhaps I can amuse myself by coming back after the trip and giving a review for your reading pleasure all the public restrooms between here and my doctor's office along the interstate.

In other news - I have to amuse myself waiting by reading. (As if I just have so much time on my hands - but you know. . .) I need to find some better fodder for my ocular perusal. Is it just me or is Hollywood procreating like crazy? I've tried to find other articles, but other than the winner of the next election already being announced (Wow! That's amazing - the media is capable of telling the future now!) find it a bit like a pregnant starlet minefield. The annoying bit is the media or even the stars themselves all seem to be under the impression that this is the most incredible thing that anyone has ever done in the history of man. Whatever. This despite the fact that their mere presence suggests that someone already managed this amazing feat prior to their accomplishment. The fascination has become so pervasive that even some of the more recent issues of Newsweek or Time I have come across have been rather Hollywood Stork centric. I find it incredibly annoying at times. This morning I came across this and I have to tell you I am not quite sure what to think about it. All those times my abdomen was eyed suspiciously and asked if I was pregnant (why oh why does this only seem to happen at Walmart?) and I wasn't - but thanks for reminding me I'm not and again how fat I am, I have to admit it never occurred to me to sue. Granted - no one has plastered a picture of my generous sized body with fast food in hand and made a snarky comment on my eating habits. I can't help but think that our distressed daughter of an exceptionally famous person could have just said "No you morons - not fat, just pregnant!" and left it at that and let the paparazzi look like the idiots they can be. However, we're just going to sue them now. For myself - I am trying to figure out why I even care and thinking that I need to find something else to read . . .


loribeth said...

Good luck with the lupron (not to mention the logistics -- eek!!). Do you have neighbour who might take at least a few of the kids for the day??

LOL on the Hollywood observations. I was asked whether I was pregnant a few times when I wasn't (& worse yet, was wishing I was). I did think of a few choice responses, but suing wasn't one of them!

Searching said...

Ew, I hate Lupron. :( So sorry for all you are going through! I hope all goes well while hubby is out of town.

And I agree, it seems Hollywood is absolutely stuffed with baby bumps or glowing parents carting around a baby or two.